About Us

With over 10+ years of electrical & contracting experience, Lawson & Son Electric have worked in residential, commercial, big, and small businesses to address various electrical needs. Upon services rendered near and afar, we have developed a systematic approach to meet the needs of customers from all request such as remodeling, renovations, custom homes, business expansion, and more. We strive to build relationships with clients and ensure the client's happiness with every job performed. It is the heart of this company to assist and aid others in their electrical and contracting needs. We love seeing something that others cannot figure out and solving it.


Our guarantee is that every customer will be satisfied with their concerns, issues, or custom desires. We promise to fulfill the expectations of our customers with the satisfaction to want us back! From an astute history of manual laborers, Lawson & Son Electric are sure to work hard at creating solutions that our customers will approve of and offer the proper assistance safe and secure recommendations or advice. Electrical work requires professionals that will do the work right the first time. 

All of your electrical & contracting needs met! Contact us today for a quote!